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Question   Ireland Slide show
We watched the Ireland slide show for St. Patrick's Day.

Thank you!

-  March 17, 2009

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Question   You Bob
You are a very interesting person. It was enjoyable to meet you and talk with you. Maybe I'll see you on a photography trip sometime!

- Sallie Gerhart-Light August 22, 2008

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Question   Congratulations
Wow. I had heard about Bob Eck's award winning photography. I'm glad you've displayed it online. It's as good as some of the cad/cam work we've done together :) Congratulations on fulfilling your hopes and dreams & keep up the good work!!!

-  January 30, 2008

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Question   Images
As expected, I was not disappointed when browsing your website. Your images a lovely. You have a great gift, Bob. Keep up the good work. Happy trails!

-  September 16, 2007

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Question   all photos
I love your pictures. I'm looking forward to your show at Reading Area Community College on February 4.

-  January 29, 2007

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Question   Your Website
What an enjoyable visit through your splendid website, Bob! I particularly like your B&W version of the Famine Memorial -- you chose a fantastic POV, and the monochrome makes the image so much more haunting.

- Kay Beausoleil April 30, 2006

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Question   Your work
I was visiting a friend in Wyomissing this weekend and we saw your work exhibited at the Cloud Nine Cafe. It is touching.

I am going to purchase something for my new home in Ridgefield, CT. I'll have a lot to choose from. Will contact you when I've made a selection.

-  March 26, 2006

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Question   Thank You!
We enjoyed looking at your pictures of Ireland. It was cool and interesting. They made our St. Patrick's Day fun!

-  March 17, 2006

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Question   recent purchase
I recently purchased "Geraniums: Through the Window". It looks great in my home.

-  February 27, 2005

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Question   Ireland
Loved the pictures from Ireland.

Now that I've seen them, I want more prints.

-  November 17, 2004

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Question   Pick Up Time
This is one of my favorites! Beautiful photography!

-  September 07, 2004

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Question   All photos
I enjoyed seeing all these photos and look forward to hanging some in my home!

-  August 25, 2004

  Answer thepopes - Sarah Derek, I'd like to point out that the first two comments on your blog post are from two difeerfnt American women living in Australia. I'm pretty sure that means you're world famous! ;)July 29, 2010 4:51 pm

- Terezinha Terezinha  May 11, 2012

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